MUN Team Uni Basel

Broaden your mind… get involved in international affairs!

Students all over the world simulate organs of the United Nations, including the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and many, many more. Also a region-specific organ associated with the UN can be the committee of choice for a debate, as for example the African Union.

The great challenge when attending MUN sessions is to represent the position of your country as authentically as possible. Of course, you don’t represent the country of your origin, but any country you have been assigned previously. So after some MUN experiences, you might have been the Delegate of South Africa, China, France, Uzbekistan, Somalia and so forth. Maybe you also attended a Human Rights Council session being Human Rights Watch, having an observer status in this committee…

This switch between all these different or sometimes even controversial positions will give you a deeper understanding of international negotiations of today. The range of topics you discuss during MUN conferences is nearly endless: every topic on the agenda of the real UN could be your next MUN topic!
As a matter of course, you get to know on time what topic will be treated in your committee. This allows you to prepare accordingly in advance.

The highlight of every MUN participant’s activity are the international conferences. Within the last two years, MUN Basel participated in conferences in New York, Taipei, Singapore, Helsinki, Vienna, Berlin and Lausanne. Such international conferences give you the possibility to enjoy the practical application of your knowledge, to meet people from all over the world and to exchange your points of view with them.

Every MUN session is moderated by a Chair or a Director who makes sure that the Rules of Procedure all observed by every delegation. The Rules of Procedure serve to structure the discussions and to give equal rights to all participants.

What are you waiting for? Join us!